Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweetest Day

This past Saturday was Sweetest Day – a day originally planned by a Cleveland candy-maker to distribute candy and small gifts to the city’s widows and orphans, letting them know that they were not forgotten.  I think the name Sweetest Day may have come about because of the distribution of sweets.  While it is still not as popular as Valentine’s Day, people all over the country take the opportunity to express their love and appreciation for those dear to them.

We do not typically observe this holiday in our home, for no particular reason other than forgetfulness, usually! :)  However, as my husband prepared to leave for his next meeting, he told me that he had a surprise for me – one that I could not guess.  Of course, my interest was piqued, but, as usual, he was right.  I could not think of what the surprise might be.  The suspense was killing me!  :)
Friday morning, the surprise was revealed when a florist’s van drove up to my house and presented me with a gorgeous arrangement of red roses and baby’s breath (which does not smell like graham crackers, as my brother once supposed)!  I was surprised – thrilled, too, of course.  The card that came with the flowers said,
For my Sweetheart – Thanks for eleven wonderful years.  I love you very much.” 
I counted the roses, and sure enough, there were eleven.  Okay – once again, my hubby wins the “Husband of the Year” award.  He is so sweet!  I am going to enjoy these roses for a long time!

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