Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Much Here…

You probably have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately.  That’s because my life has been so BORING!  I wouldn’t want to read about it, if I were you.  It is pretty much the same hum-drum everyday, banal existence of the home-schooling housewife and mother.


I have had a few moments of intense excitement this past week.  I was the victim of a “purse snatching” while at Kroger the other night.  I went around 10 pm after church on Wednesday, just picking up a few things for lunch.  I have mentioned how much I love Kroger, and they have a special clearance section that seems to pull me with a force stronger than gravity whenever I go in there.  I was rooting around in the shelves, inwardly exclaiming over the good deals, when I heard the “burglar alarm” on my purse (a metal tag on the outside that clangs in a most annoying manner whenever I move the purse – the result is that I sound like a one-woman band while walking).  I instantly knew that my purse (sitting in the cart behind me) was being touched by someone other than me!  I whirled around and started to punch the man who had his hands on my purse, but stopped short when I saw the smirking face of our pastor!  What a story that would have been!  I would have been a sermon illustration for a long time, I think! :)  However, I think he will think twice about ever touching my purse again!  Not that there is really anything worth stealing in it-it is just the principle of the thing!


This week has been rather overcast and at times breaking into torrential downpours.  I was, once again, at Kroger.  I really don’t live there, but sometimes it seems like I do, since it is just next door to us!  I came out with my cart full of groceries in time to see a deluge break forth.  I was only parked a little ways away from the main entrance, but I knew I was going to get very wet.  I gathered my courage, and sprinted into the storm, pushing my loaded cart.  I managed to lose my shoe in a very deep puddle, and had to leave my cart and run back for it.  After it came off a second time, I just threw my sandals into the cart and ran barefoot through the parking lot.  I loaded my groceries in the truck as fast as I could, and then climbed into the driver’s seat soaked to the skin and shivering.  The temperature had dropped, and my short-sleeved tee shirt just wasn’t very warm, especially since there was not a dry spot on it.  Thankfully, I was very close to home, so I was able to get dried out pretty quickly.  My hair was a disaster, though.  It was one of those infrequent good hair days, until the outdoor shower.  Next time, I will just have to make sure that my umbrella is in tow!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beginning of the End

Well, after several months of waiting, it would seem that we are coming to the end.  Our realtor called last week, and it looks as if our house in Indiana will close at the end of this month! Glory, Hallelujah!  I am trying not to get too excited, since things can always fall through at the last minute, but already it is a futile attempt.  I am excited!


Now we can begin to seriously look for a home here in Mississippi.  All the joys, trials, and perils of home ownership are about to be ours again!  We have our eyes on a house that needs some TLC, but nothing major.  We actually even went through it with a realtor.  I like it.  Paul likes it.  It has great potential for our family.  Now the next waiting game begins.  I tell myself that if this it the house the Lord has for us, no one else is going to get it.  The hard part is when you think you know which direction to go and the Lord gently turns you in another direction.  So, as we wait and pray about this situation, would pray with us?  We need wisdom and direction for this major decision.  The best part about it is that we are not in a time crunch to find a house.  We are comfortably (more or less) living in our “home on wheels” for the time being.  We can wait for the right house!  That is, if I don’t go crazy waiting… :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fruit of My Labor

I really enjoy eating fruit, and we are headed into the fruit season already.  I bought some of the most beautiful, bit strawberries at the store the other day.  They were red, luscious, and totally delicious.  I decided to make them even better! :)




I enjoy making things – that is probably obvious to you by now.  I wanted to try my hand at dipping these berries to make them a beautiful and elegant dessert, not to mention so easy!  The first step is to wash and carefully dry all the berries.  That took probably more time than anything else. 


After all the berries are dried, I put the candy melts in the microwave until they were smooth and creamy.  It is important that your berries are totally dry before dipping, because water will cause the chocolate to “seize,” or clump.  This can also happen if you heat the candy for too long.  Short intervals of time with stirring in between is the best formula for getting the perfect consistency to your candy coating.



Your candy should look something like this.  I was only doing about 25 berries, so I didn’t use my big melting pot.  I filled my 2 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup and just dipped the berries into it. 


The girls were helping me, and of course, they were awed and amazed, excited and overly helpful!  We had a lot of fun together, and they learned something new. 


After dipping the berries, I placed them on wax paper to dry.  I thought about drizzling a little dark chocolate over them, but decided to just leave things as they were.  Too many calories already! :)



I love the color contrast of the bright red and green berries against the white.  It makes me think of summer.  They also taste pretty good!


I am going to be making several dozen for an upcoming pastor’s luncheon for our church next week.  Who knows, I may try a few fancy tricks for that! 


Whatever the case, my family really enjoyed the special treat, and I know they will be asking for more…