Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving On

Well, the big news is now public.  We will be moving our home base to Mississippi.  This decision has been made after several months of prayer, and God's direct leading.  We don't know when we will be moving.  It is rather difficult to predict how long it will take our house to sell.  Yes, our adorable little house, that I absolutely love is now on the market.  Putting the "For Sale" sign in the front yard was a very final step in the process for us.  It made the reality of moving very close.  I must add that we are not moving for any reasons other than we believe that God is moving us.  We love our pastor, church family, and everything about where we are.  We do not regret moving to this area, nor do we believe it was a mistake on our part.  God led us here, and used us to minister in the local church.  We have many wonderful friends as a result of our time in Indiana, and we expect to keep all of them.

I will miss our house.  We have spent a lot of time, energy, and money making it our little "house of dreams."  I know the Lord can provide another house in His time.  Right now, we just need to sell the one we have.  Anyone feel the urge to move to Connersville?  I know a great little house... :)

Paul leaves for a revival meeting in Montgomery, AL tomorrow.  I have to drive him to the airport in Dayton, and then I plan to spend the afternoon with my family in Ohio before returning home.  Since the meeting is only four days long, we decided it would be best for him to fly and for the rest of us to stay home.  That gives me a chance to get things back in order here, and keeps the school schedule tight.  It is difficult to maintain a regular schedule of school when you are traveling all the time. 

Josiah is planning to go to Master Club regional competition with the church next Saturday.  I am really excited for him,  Although he has been in Master Club for years, we have never been home during regionals, so this will be his first time to attend.  It will be a great experience for him.  He has worked so hard. 

Our church begins special meetings with Evangelist Bill Abbott this Sunday.  It will be good to see the Abbotts again.  They are good friends of ours (we evangelists stick together) and we enjoy the fellowship we have with them.  We are praying that the Lord would do a great work this week.  We have invited several unsaved people to attend.  Please pray that our neighbors, Joe, Bill, and Rachel would come.  I have also invited several CVS employees ( I see them regularly).  Shirley and Tracy are their names.  Pray that the Lord would draw them to come to the meeting and they would hear the Gospel and be saved.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Again

The sweetest words of tongue or pen, "My dear, at last, we're home again!"  We arrived on Monday evening, and the last few days have been a flurry of unpacking and cleaning.  My house was nice and clean, but a bit dusty.  All of us are glad to be back at the house for a few weeks.  The weather here is cold, but not freezing - I think spring is just around the corner.  We ran out of heating oil early Thursday morning, so we we all wearing jackets and sweaters around the house.  The heating oil truck arrived in the late afternoon, and we were all glad to see it coming!  Now we are all snuggy warm again.

This past week was the third "birthday" celebration of Swagbucks.  There were lots of exciting things going on, most of which I missed because we were traveling all day.  I did have a good friend who helped me out, though!  Thanks, Lois!  I was able to earn two more Amazon .com gift cards this week, all of which are going toward my Christmas shopping.  I already have a few things picked out!  If you haven't started earning Swagbucks yet, join up today.  It is Mega Swagbucks day every Friday, so you can earn even more doing searches than you do on every other day.  Try it out!  I think my favorite feature on Swagbucks is the coupons.  You can earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon that you print and redeem.  this means you can earn money while saving money!  I have used a lot of the coupons this week at my local Kroger.  They have a great deal on cereal this week, so I stocked my pantry. 

We are doing some cosmetic work on our house right now. The walls of the stairway going down to the basement look like someone punched holes in them ( the previous owners, not us) so Paul is attempting to figure out the best way to fix them.  We need some new drywall, obviously.  I hope to get it all done this week, and painted, too, but we will see.  Home projects have a way of gobbling up more time and money than originally expected!