Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sing a Song of Sixpence…

A counter full of pies!  Four and twenty apples, baked in a pie.  When the pie was opened, the family began to sing…
“Can I have another piece?” 
True to my word, I baked some more apple pies last week.  This time, I had the aid of not only my trusty rolling pin and pastry blender, but my positively, absolutely, hot-diggety-dog, wonderful apple corer/peeler/slicer!  A gift from my oh-so thoughtful hubby, who knows that the apples are the hardest part of making the pie! 
With this baby, I can core, peel, and slice a large apple in less than ten seconds.  Eight, to be exact!  LOVE it! :)
There is no doubt that apple pies would be even fewer and farther between if I didn’t have this amazing invention!  (Thanks, Paul!) 
Below is my secret weapon for the best apple pie ever – a plain, everyday, brown grocery bag.  And no, I have never caught anything on fire by doing this.  It is perfectly safe.  You can see that the bag is touching nothing but the cookie sheet, and the added bonus is the pie never overflows into the oven!
While I still had problems with my crust ( I don’t know what is wrong. Perhaps my excessive bragging has caused the failure of my once-perfect pie crusts!), it tasted heavenly.  That last piece is calling… who will answer? :)

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  1. Have you posted your pie crust recipe before or is it top-secret? I just started making homemade pie crusts last year but haven't perfected mine yet. :)