Monday, October 10, 2011

Don’t Ever…

A while ago, I discovered a recipe for coleslaw that was “Josiah-friendly,” as we say.  It had no mayonnaise, and although it had yogurt in it, I deemed it safe for my son (he can have dairy in small amounts).  I used my mandoline slicer to shred the cabbage and it took me nearly all morning to do it.  The  coleslaw was excellent, and I thought perhaps I would make another batch with the remaining half-head of cabbage.  This time, however, I would do things the smart way!  No more 2-hour prep for shredded cabbage! :)IMG_3213
I got out my trusty blender – what better to shred cabbage, right?  I knew it would make little chopped up pieces that wouldn’t hang out of our mouths like weird white spaghetti while we ate.  The time factor was a definite improvement over the previous batch.  However, instead of chopping it into chunks, it pureed the cabbage.  Um… not good.  I looked in dismay at the pale greenish-orange paste in my blender (the carrots tinted it a bit).  Gross!  Do I really expect my family to eat that?  Do I expect me to eat that?!  I don’t think the taste will be any different than regular coleslaw, but the texture may be the undoing of us all!  Cabbage smoothie, anyone?

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  1. Eww! Oh well, at least you know one way NOT to shred cabbage. hehehe