Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All Things Vintage

I have decided that I really like the vintage look, especially when it comes to decorating my home.  I tend to gravitate to old prints and classic styles, along with the mellow colors that belong to days gone by. 
This past summer, I found a yellow pitcher at a thrift store and fell in love with it.  Since it was only a dollar, I bought it. I stashed it in the cupboard every time we hit the road in hopes of preserving it until we reached our home some months later, but I got it out and admired it quite often, even in the trailer.  Now that we are home, it has a place of honor on the kitchen table – as my centerpiece.  The other evening, while shopping at Goodwill with my mom (same night I got the picture frames), I saw a pretty green ceramic teapot.  I thought it would look nice with my yellow pitcher, but didn’t want to spend any more than I already had (I found a lot of good deals that night).  My sweet mother bought it and gave it to me later! Awww!  She also gave me a little red ramekin, so now they are all part of my centerpiece.  I think I need to find a bit taller red object – the ramekin is dwarfed by the others – but for now, it will be fine.  You never know when you will find that perfect item.  I will be keeping an eye out for it at all the yard sales and thrift stores. :)

Here is my lovely vintage pottery centerpiece.
What is your decorating theme for your home?  Are you classic, shabby chic, vintage, modern, or something totally eclectic?


  1. I love vintage finds too. Not all things vintage, but some. Enough to add character! Recently I found two ceramic-coated (on the inside) cast-iron casserole dishes/pots with lids at a yard sale. One was yellow and another was the green of your teapot. They were only 50 cents each! They are so unique because the lids are cast iron as well.

    Not really sure what my style is...you've been to my house, what would you call it? =)

  2. exactly: I don't know my style either. Is there a style called Auction/Yard Sale?

  3. I love Vintage too! :) LOVE your yellow pitcher. Ever since I saw a blogger this summer post one of full of tulips, I have been looking for one. Haven't found it yet but that is part of the fun! :)