About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  I began blogging in January of 2011 and have really enjoyed the outlet.  I am very happily married to Paul, my college sweetheart.  I am a stay-at-home mom (of sorts) with four lovely children, two boys, two girls.  Paul is an independent Baptist evangelist, and we decided years ago when our first child was very young, that it was best for our family to be together.  As a result of that decision, we began traveling in a fifth wheel trailer in 2003.  Of course, that means that we also home school our children.  We have covered many miles in the ensuing years, and seen the Lord work in amazing ways.

The Lord Jesus Christ is my personal Savior,and because of His sacrifice on Calvary, I know that I have eternal life.  He is the One who gives me strength for each day, joy in the midst of tribulation, and hope for the future.  I owe my life to Him, and my greatest desire is to serve Him with all my heart.  I want to be found faithful.

Personally, I have many interests including, but not limited to, the following:
- piano
- reading
- scrapbooking
- coupons
- photography
- adventure

I have published a piano arrangement book, and I am now working on a second one.  (I hope for it to be published within the next year.)  Another goal is to record a piano CD.  This is "in the works" but our schedule has not permitted it thus far.

My other great love is scrapbooking.  I have accumulated tons of supplies, paper, pictures, and tools.  My husband is a most long-suffering creature to tote it all over the country for me!  My girls are already learning to put their little pages together, so it makes for a very fun mother-daughter activity.

I am an organizational junkie, and some of my happiest moments are when all my clothes are lined up in the closet according to color, when the CD's are in alphabetical order, and everything is in its proper place.  I am not OCD about this, but I really do love it when things look pleasing to the eye and are easy to find and put away.  my children have not yet discovered this simple pleasure! :)

I discovered coupons a few years ago, and I have been amazed at how much money can be saved by clipping coupons.  I have some friends who are totally awesome at this, and one of my personal goals is to become even more frugal than I am now. (There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap!)

I suppose my besetting sin would be chocolate in any form.  Too bad it isn't really good for me! :)

I hope that you will become acquainted with our family through this blog, and pray for us as we travel and minister.