Monday, April 30, 2012

Hang on to Your Hats!

Daniel is my little firecracker!  He is all boy, which is just as it should be. He loves being outside, playing good guys/ bad guys with his brother and sisters, running around, jumping off of things that he probably shouldn’t, and doing other boy things.  He is also a little snuggle bug.  He loves to crawl into my bed early in the morning and cuddle up to me, or sit in my lap and get “hugs and snugs.”   I love capturing his sunny smile.  Here he is holding on to his fireman’s hat so it doesn’t blow away.  I love this little guy!


I know that one day, all too soon, he is going to grow up and charm some little girl who will eventually become his wife.  I’m just giving you plenty of warning—hang on to your hats! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Remembering Gramy

I mentioned about two weeks ago that my paternal grandmother, otherwise known as Gramy to all of her grandchildren, went home to be with the Lord.  Our meetings were close to the area where she lived, so I was able to attend the funeral.  I had the distinct privilege of playing and singing with my family during the service.  My Gramy loved music, and many of my early memories of her were of her playing the piano and singing.  I know that she is now in the heavenly choir, praising her Savior.  I am thankful for my Gramy, and all that I learned from her life.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scrapping on the Road

I have mentioned my love of scrapbooking in the past, and I know some of you are also die-hard scrapbookers as well.  I will say, it has been so hard not being able to create layouts and make beautiful pages in the several months since we moved.  (I had to put most of my scrap supplies in storage because there was not enough room for them in the trailer, if you can imagine that!)


I decided that I had gone without scrapping long enough, and when we had an eleven-hour drive on Monday, I grabbed my basic supplies, my box of photos, and stuffed it into the cab of the truck all around me—not an easy feat.  I am pleased to announce that I was able to put together eight layouts (minus journaling and a few embellishments I didn’t have with me because of space restrictions) on our drive.  I loved coaxing the creative juices to flow once again and being pleased with most of what I did.  Here is a sample of my work.






I am back in the groove, and I am looking forward to my next long trip!  What do you do in the car on a long trip?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4-Generation Chick Trip

For some time, my girls have been broaching the subject of getting their ears pierced.  While I do not necessarily have a problem with this, having had my own pierced since the age of four, I wanted them to be ready for it.  So, after having exaggerated the pain involved, the care required, and all other dissuading factors, my arguments made no serious impression.  I told them I would discuss it with their dad, and the matter was dropped for the time being. 


In the meantime, I began to plot.  Paul said it was fine for them to have it done, so I wanted to make it really special.  I knew we were going to be spending a few days with my mom, so I called her, and we found a place in the mall that pierced ears.  My grandma got in on the action as well, and came with my mom to pick us up.  I did not tell the girls where we were going until we got into the car.  The looks on their faces say it all.




After we reached the mall, we went in and started snapping pictures of the girls in front of the store where we intended to have the piercings done.  A store manager came bustling out and told us we were not allowed to take pictures in the store.  First of all, we were in the middle of the mall walkway, not in the store.  Second, I do not intend to use my photos for corporate espionage.  Third, why in the world would anyone want to pirate their cheap, Chinese junk—especially I?  I was not very pleased upon our first encounter, and decided that if they were going to be ugly, I would take my business elsewhere.  I told the manager that I was coming to have my daughters’ ears pierced, and that I would be taking pictures, and if she didn’t like that, I would give someone else my business.  She backed down and said that I could take them at the piercing station inside the store, doubtless seeing the dollar signs disappearing along with my camera.  I was somewhat appeased, but rather distrustful at this point, but  I quietly put aside my objections and decided to be nice as long as she behaved.  :)


The girls by this time had grown rather quiet, and perhaps a bit apprehensive.  Abigail went first, climbing into the chair, and after getting prepped and marked, she bravely smiled through the whole process.




Esther entered the chair with a bit more trepidation, even though she had a stellar example of courage in her older sister.  She sat quietly in the chair, having her ears prepped and marked.  When the first ear was pierced, her eyes got rather large, and she said in a very small voice, “Ouch.”  The girl doing the work quickly did the other ear, and when the second hole was made, the tears began to flow down Esther’s cheeks.  However, she wiped them away just as fast as they came, and a big smile was plastered on her face.  I told her she was very brave (I remember screaming when I had mine done) and that I was proud of her.




After the painful process was over, we did a little shopping and I let them pick out some earrings for when they are able to take out the starter studs.  It was a lot of fun.  I even found a pair that I liked… I will show them to you later.

We all posed for a picture, or rather, a series of pictures as we left the store.  It was a memorable trip for all of us, made special by being able to share it with family.  Here we are—four generations on a chick trip!



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goodbye, Gramy

I received word this week, that my Gramy has gone to be with the Lord.  While it was rather sudden, she had been in poor health for quite some time, and I was not really surprised at the news.  I am glad that I was able to see her a few months ago when our family was in the area.  I will miss the fun-loving, piano-playing, mischievous woman that she was.  I thank the Lord for allowing me to have her in my life and share my husband and children with her. 

Sep 27 2011 003

Here are some pictures of the last time I saw her.  (L to R) My mom, Gramy, and me in her kitchen, a place where many wonderful memories were made and shared.

Sep 27 2011 002

I am glad that my children were able to meet and know their great-grandma for at least a short time.

While I am saddened by her loss, I also know that she is in Heaven, and that I will see her again some day.  She will be reunited with her mother, and also her son—my dad, and my son.  How precious to know that we will all be together again one day, free from pain, sickness, and suffering.  Goodbye, Gramy.  I look forward to seeing you again.  I love you!