Thursday, December 1, 2011

Write It Down

While packing up my belongings in preparation for the big move, I came across this stack of journals in my closet.  For many years, I have made it a regular practice to record my thoughts and experiences each day in my journal.  There have been exceptions to this rule, but not many.  I find it interesting to scroll back through my written memories every once in a while and just remember the events surrounding those thoughts. 


Now, I will say that the usual entries are nothing to write home about – the hum-drum life of a stay at home mom.  However, they are spiced with travel and interesting stories every now and then.  The great mountain-top experiences are there as well as the valleys.  Joys, laughter, pain, triumphs, tears, anger, and heartaches are all recorded there.  In my opinion, you can learn a lot about a person by the way they express themselves, especially in written form. 

I have learned about myself, and the things that matter most to me.  They are the everyday happenings that make our life what it is.  Life is not all great moments.  Life is a simple thread of everyday events that holds the pearls of great experiences together.  Without the mundane, the gems would be scattered.  So, in 70 years, when I am gone, the thread of my everyday life will be there for my children to see.  (There is no way I am letting anyone read those before I die!)  I hope they can learn from my example as well as my mistakes. 

Do you keep a journal?  If not, I challenge you to take a few moments each day to jot down what you are thinking, your plans, achievements, and experiences.  It will be a wonderful treasure trove of memories for the ones you love.  New Year’s is fast approaching – maybe it could be your resolution this year.  It’s a lot easier than losing weight!  :)

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  1. I started journaling when I was 8 and did pretty much every single day until I was married. I have so many journals!! After that is was more sporadic, but I still love to write. (Hence the reason I blog!) =)