Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Drip Drop

The last several days have been rather wet here in Indiana –the chilly, damp weather that seeps into your bones and makes you crave warm soups, fresh baked goods, and hot chocolate. 

Last weekend, we picked up our RV from the repair shop and paid the hefty bill (somehow it seems wrong that they can charge $100 an hour for labor), glad to finally have our trailer back.  For me, this meant that I can begin packing in earnest, stashing things in the trailer for immediate use, and packing up the non-essential belongings.  At least, that was the plan…

Paul went over to the trailer and came back with a very perturbed expression.  It would seem that we have a leak in the roof – due to scraping against a tree branch.  Since the past several days have been so wet, he was greeted by a huge puddle on the kitchen table that had spilled off onto the dinette seats, the couch, and the carpet.  Everything was soaking wet!  Not a pleasant discovery on a Monday morning, just after having the trailer serviced!  Thankfully we were able to get it into the body shop immediately (they have a four-week waiting list right now) and hopefully, all the leaks will be repaired.  Whew!  Now, back to all that packing! 

The moving truck arrives in 10 days… we leave Dec. 19th.  Crunch time is upon me.  It is rather exciting, but also nerve-wracking.  Moving at this time of year is even more difficult because of the holidays and the precipitate weather. 

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