Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sewing Away

In an earlier post, I mentioned getting all the 18” doll clothes patterns.  Well, I have been putting them to use lately.  I have just a few more things to finish and my sewing projects for this year will be complete.   I am trusting you not to mention this to my daughters – I have managed to keep it a secret so far, sewing late into the night after they have gone to bed.  All the clothes are modeled on the same doll for sake of time.
Disney Princess dress, Ariel – colors of my choosing. Simplicity 5705


Disney Princess Dress, Belle (without drape and gauntlets) colors of my choosing – Simplicity 5705  I intend to make a black shrug for this one, if time allows.


Dress – Simplicity 4654  This one is rather simple, but pretty in a Little House on the Prairie way. :)


Shirt and Poodle skirt – McCalls 8555  This is an older pattern, but I really love the outfits!  The poodle skirt is so easy to make!  I still have to sew the snaps on the back of the shirt, but other than that, it is all done.


What the girls also do not know is that they will each be getting nightgown with a matching nightgown for their dolls.  I found these on sale at Kohls, and with my coupons and discounts, I got them for a great deal!


So it looks as if the girls and their dollies will be well clothed in the coming year! 


  1. Those are very sweet outfits! Apparently girls have to be older to appreciate doll clothes. At this point my 3 year old still just wants to carry around a naked doll. I dress them, and 5 minutes later they are unclothed once more! lol :)

  2. You amaze me! Those little dresses are so cute! I really wanted to make a bunch of doll clothes for Lydia for Christmas, but oh well. Thanks for the link for the nightgown, I'll have to check it out for Lydia!

  3. those are absolutely adorable, Sarah!! Love them all - especially the poodle skirt outfit and the first dress.

    Your girls are going to be thrilled on Christmas morning when they open those presents! :)

  4. They are so cute! I know they will be delighted by them.