Thursday, December 22, 2011

Safely Home

Welcome to Mississippi – our new place of residence!  We had a long, but uneventful drive down from Indiana, for which I was grateful, since I had to drive the 26’ Penske truck full of our junk.  I am already planning my next garage sale, and I don’t even have a garage yet! :) 

There are sad things about moving – saying goodbye to all our friends and family in the Indiana area, leaving my beautiful house(whaaaa!), and boxing up a lot of my things to be put in storage until we purchase a new home.  however, there are a lot of positive things about moving as well – being a part of another great church, making new friends, and beginning a new ministry.

Thanks to so many people who helped us get our things packed and loaded on the truck.  It was no easy job, let me tell you, and I nearly had a meltdown while loading!  Thanks, Mom, Allen, Matt, Michelle, Kirsten, Ryan, Jeff, Gord, Brad, Pastor Jordan, Mrs. Kathy, and everyone else who offered their services.  We could not have done it without you!


Here are some of our weekend heroes!  They look a little tired about now, don’t they?  Please don’t look at all the stuff – I can’t believe how much we have accumulated in the past year and a half! 

We had our Christmas programs on Sunday.  Josiah did a great job in his part as Benjamin the shepherd – he worked so hard to get all of his lines!  The big scary-looking guy is Paul.  He grew his beard out for the part.  Thank goodness, it is gone! :)


I was thrilled with the job the children did.  An added blessing was that one of the little boys came forward after the service to be saved!  Thank the Lord for His blessing!


Here they all are – dressed in their finest!  I love the bow ties for the boys – really makes everything look sharp!  The girls, of course, were beautiful in their Christmas finery!  I wish you could have heard them sing!  What a blessing to be able to work with these kids, and with my friend and director, Julie (she worked at least as hard as they did).  I am already looking forward to hearing how next year’s program goes!

The adult choir performed John W. Peterson’s cantata, Love Transcending in the evening service.  It, too, was such a blessing.  I was privileged to be a part of this momentous event!  Thanks, choir members – you all did a tremendous job!

Monday morning, we packed the trailer up, stuffed the kids in the trucks, and hit the road, headed for Mississippi.  It was a nice day for travel – cool, with scattered showers, and clear roads.  Josiah rode with me, and took this very flattering picture of me driving the truck.  :)


Driving the truck was quite a workout for me, since I am so short.  The seat didn’t scoot up far enough for me to rest my heel on the floor to work the pedals, so a lot of the day, I just had to suspend my right leg by sheer muscle power to operate the gas pedal.  I was able to use the cruise control at times, which gave me some relief, but in the construction zones, or when there was heavy traffic, I had to drive the old-fashioned way!

Well, that’s enough catching up for now.  I hope to get back on the blog regularly, once my internet connection is established.  Thanks for your patience and most of all, your prayers.

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  1. it's a good thing penske didn't have that smaller truck, huh?!