Thursday, December 29, 2011


My very sweet and wonderful husband bought me a new laptop for Christmas. This really was becoming more and more of a need each passing day.  My old computer took about five minutes, more or less, to boot up each day, and frequently did not want to turn off.  Using certain programs insured a lockup  (this would be my picture organizing and editing software that holds nearly 15,000 pictures).  Yep, you read that right!  I am one happy, snappy, camera toting mama!  Anyway, most of Monday and Tuesday was spent in computer lockdown while the old computer transferred all its files to the new computer.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to do each program by itself, the “old-fashioned way.”  Now all you have to do is connect both PCs to your home network and hit “Easy Transfer” and voila, it works all by itself!  Now, I was a little anxious when it took nearly 24 hours to transfer all 49 GB, afraid that one of the kids would touch it and disturb the transfer, causing us to have to start the whole process over again, but (big sigh of relief) it all worked out perfectly.  Now all I have to do is re-install some of my favorite programs – music writing, picture editing, and that kind of important stuff.

I am also trying to prepare myself for the possibility of a disaster – the chance that I might lose all my pictures.  It almost makes me cry just thinking about it!  So, I am also transferring all 15,000 pictures to my Snapfish account.  The best thing about Snapfish is not just their great photo sales, but the fact that they have unlimited online photo storage for free! I can definitely use that!  So, over the next few days, weeks, months, (as Eeyore says, “Who knows?”) I will be transferring all those memories, one MB at a time! Why did I take so many photos?!?!
A word to the wise, start uploading your photos  before you reach 15,000.  Depending on your internet speed, the time to transfer those important moments can be quite time consuming.  Right now, I am organizing all of mine by time segments (May 2010, June 2010, etc.).  That way, I will have a general idea of where to find certain events when I want a specific picture.  Don’t wait – the next crash could be around the corner! As much of a bother as it is to move pictures to online storage, it could save you a lot of tears later.


  1. I am in the same boat, Sarah! I've gotten behind though with storing online on my Shutterfly account...have had that on my mental "to do" list for a few months. I, too, take thousands of pictures. :)
    I was making CDs AND storing them online, but recently when I went to make CDs, the machine said it would take 5 of them or more, and I realized it was much cheaper to just save the actual camera card and mark it "2011" and start a new card for 2012. Methinks the camera cards will still be good even after CDs are obsolete. I try to back up photos more than one way just in case...
    Happy picturing! :)

  2. I can back up to cd or dvd on my computer, but I have so many pictures I have to search the multiple disks, since it doesn't save them in a recognizable order. I am trying to store them in a more organized fashion. To my great horror, I read some time ago that even cds can go bad after several years and you can still lose your photos. Not cool. I try to print the pics I like best, then save them in a scrapbook. Guess there is no failsafe way.

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