Monday, December 26, 2011

First Week

Our first week in Mississippi has been a flurry of activity, running here and there, trying to get our bank accounts, drivers’ licenses, registrations and the like all done before the holidays.  After several trips back and forth from our storage unit, I think we have everything we need.  I cleaned all the summer clothes out of the kids’ room so that they could put all of their winter clothes in the drawers.  That was a chore that I am glad is done for a while.

The weather here is milder than in Indiana, but I know the summers are going to be killer.  The cashier at Kroger, upon learning that we had just moved from Indiana, said to me, “Oh, you’re going to hate it here!”  I hope she was just talking about the weather! :) We didn’t have a white Christmas this year (they only get snow about once a year, and not very much at that).

We are almost all settled in, and I think after another week, things will be back to normal.  That means back to school, too.  I have one more glorious week of freedom before school starts again!  Thankfully, I had the foresight to get my lesson plans done before we moved, so I will not have to do those this weekend!  I do have some catch-up to do on my grading – it seems like those papers just multiply while sitting in my dark desk drawer…

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