Friday, November 18, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

This may be hard to believe, but I do not care for pumpkin pie.  I have tried many so-called wonderful recipes down through the years – “so-and-so makes the BEST pumpkin pie” - and have found myself underwhelmed by my reaction to these culinary delights.  Not even a half container of Cool Whip can mask that pumpkin taste.  Believe me, I’ve tried it. 

Unfortunately, it is one of my husband’s favorite desserts.  He actually used to request pumpkin pie for his birthday instead of cake!  Poor man… married to me, he only gets pumpkin pie when we go to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving.  Well, that is, until this week.  Tadahhh!  After eleven and a half years of marriage, I made my first pumpkin pie.


It was to be for our church-wide thanksgiving fellowship this past week, but he had kind of a crummy day (deer hunting season has begun – any day a hunter doesn’t see or shoot a deer is considered a bad day) and when he saw the pie, his face lit up.  I just couldn’t take it to church and risk him not getting a piece with all those other people there!!  Right?! 

So, being the good wife that I am, I decided that there would probably be more dessert at the fellowship than any of us needed, and we would have the pie that night!  While it was not as good as bagging a deer, it certainly took the edge off the crummy day and put a smile on his face, and subsequently, mine as well.  Here’s to the little things.  The best part was, no-one at church even missed the pie I didn’t bring!  :)

What is your favorite kind of pie? 

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