Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Savings

Recently I began using the Saving Star program in addition to my coupons.  It is a tremendous way to save money!  All you have to do is set up an account at and register your grocery store loyalty cards.  I have about ten cards on my account for stores all over the nation! :)  Each week they post new digital coupons that you activate to your account.  Instead of the money coming off at the register, the savings will post to your account.  For each $5 in savings that you earn, you can redeem it for Pay Pal gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or cash back! 

This is a great way to “double dip” on coupons, as I call it.  For instance, right now, one of the coupons is for $.40 off of No Yolk egg noodles.  There is also a printable coupon for $.40 off.  If I take my coupon to Kroger, they will double it, and I will get $.80 off of my purchase, and Saving Star will add another $.40 to my account.  In total, I have saved $1.20 on my egg noodles!  Get it?!  Right now, there are over 30 different coupons available on Saving Star.  It costs nothing to set up an account, and the savings are great!  Try is out today.  Even if you don’t use regular coupons, this is a no-hassle way to save money!


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