Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Days

With all of the hoopla of moving, school really crept up on us quickly this year.  I had (thankfully) ordered all of our books in the spring, so they were waiting, no – lurking – in a corner, threatening my summer happiness each time I happened to catch sight of them. 

However, life must go on, and with it comes schoolwork.  We were still moving and renovating the house when our  set-in-stone first day of school arrived.  I dragged out the books, and, flying by the proverbial seat of my skirt (can you do that?), I started school with no lesson plans made.  Argh!  Where was my brain? I hate it when I do that.  The kids do so much better when they have a plan to follow!  Anyway, that is the terrible truth.  I was unprepared. 

The good news is that we managed to get through the first crazy week, and a few subsequent crazy weeks, but now things have settled down into our normal routine.  Can I have a big “Woohoo!” right now?  :)

I did manage to snap some pictures of the kids on the first day of school.  They aren’t creative, artistic, or even great photos, but they are my babies, and I love them.  I think that their pictures capture their little personalities so well.


Josiah is in sixth grade this year – I really can’t believe it!  He is a responsible and tender-hearted boy, who works hard and is a good student.  He gets more and more like his dad all the time.  It cracks me up!

Abigail is in third grade.  She is as ornery as her picture indicates.  She loves to help in the kitchen, and is also learning to sew a little.  It will be a fun year.

Esther, my first-grader, is a sweet, affectionate child.  She gives hugs that literally take your breath away.  The violence of her affection amazes me! :)  She loves to help in the kitchen as well, and her favorite thing to do with Mama is scrapbook! yay!


Daniel, while not in school yet, had to be a part of the fun.  As you can tell, he is a crazy little boy who likes to ham it up for the camera.  These are the blessings I see every day – some days I appreciate them more than others, as you mothers will understand.  I do love them, though, and I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything.


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