Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

Anyone who has ever bought a major purchase (think house or vehicle) has been surprised at one time or another.  My first car had some serious surprises.  We are talking no AC, bad vacuum system, among other things.  Our first house had some surprises, too.  Nasty mold hidden behind paneling, due to leaks (of course, they said there were no leaks), non-functioning appliances – you get the picture.  This house we recently purchased was relatively free of these unpleasant surprises (we saw them all before we bought it – well, except for the termites).

The other day, I was in the back yard, plotting and planning my landscaping makeover (this will definitely be a long-term project) when a flash of color caught my eye.  Over by our dilapidated fence, some beautiful flowers had bloomed beneath the Crape Myrtle.  It was such a pleasant surprise that I had to take a few pictures.  I am not exactly sure what kind of flowers these are, but I think I will let them stay in my little garden plot.




Aren’t these lovely?  I love nice surprises like this!