Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Office/Guest Room

Well, one of our dreams was not only to have a place where Paul could study for his messages, write his books, and keep up his correspondence, but to have a place for people to stay when they come to visit.  When I first saw the house, this particular room grabbed my attention! 


You can see the large built-in desk right in front of the window – perfect for studying!  This room is located right next to the master bedroom, and across the hallway from the downstairs bathroom.  It is also perfect for a guest room!  The door you see going off on the right is a large walk-in closet that is now housing my Christmas decorations and CVS stash!  (By the way, that seems to be dwindling… better get back to those coupons!)

The room was stark white, with guess what (?!) – a wallpaper border around the top.  The carpet reeked of cats, and was stained and threadbare in places, so it had to be replaced.  For the walls, I chose a lovely “neutral” green called Seamist  (it is also in several other rooms because I loved it so much!)  It was a relaxing, calming shade that I felt was not too girly to be in a man’s study (Paul does not do girly), while still matching my personal taste and style, such as it is! :)

This room really had the least amount of work to be done, so it was our kid central station while we were working on the other rooms in the house.  They hung out here and watched movies, played dolls, and fought amongst themselves. (Hey, I have to be honest!)  Here are Esther and Daniel with the one-eyed babysitter…



When I uploaded my pictures, I found all kinds of weird shots of strange things that I know I didn’t take.  Hmmm… This picture of Esther reveals a whole new realm of speculation. 


I wonder who took all those odd photos?

This is the first after picture, with new paint, new carpet, and a whole new look.  Of course, since then we have added blinds, bookcases, and other office equipment.  (We also put the doorknobs back on after painting, for those of you that are wondering.)  I am looking for a bed to go in this room since it is, after all, our guest room. We have an air mattress right now, but I am looking for something a little more permanent.  Just have to wait for that perfect yard sale find!



Here is Paul, sitting at his desk to study.  You can see the few still-packed boxes of books stacked under the desk and next to the wall.  We are planning to build some floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in this room, to help with our library storage (we have a lot of books).  For now, though, we have just a few bookshelves in here for all of his theological books and history/hobby volumes.  It is a work in progress, to be sure.  He loves it, though, and it is an answer to prayer – every preacher needs a place to call his own and get away from it all to study the Word!


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  1. I love the walkin closet! and the after picture really shows how big the desk is! Awesome!!!