Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Health!

I have accomplished the unthinkable!  Last week, I finished off the last vitamin in this bottle.  You may think, "So what?!"  I will enlighten you on why this is such a feat.  Never in my life of 30+ years have I ever regularly taken vitamins, nor yet finished a whole bottle by myself.  I attempted to take prenatal vitamins during each of my five pregnancies, but they usually reappeared along with my most recent meal, so I gave up on that nutritional route.  Now, I must say, that I have taken vitamins through the years in fits and starts, but I could never seem to remember to take them after a few days.  I guess it's true that one of the side effects of vitamin deficiency is loss of memory! :)  Anyway, I got this bottle free at CVS earlier this year, and finally took the 30th one last week. (Yes, it took me 8 months to finish a one month bottle!)  I can't say I have noticed a great improvement in either my health or my memory, but perhaps that is not the fault of the vitamin...  I have already started another bottle of vitamins, so I am on a roll.  I don't want to take them so regularly that I have  the dreaded "vitamin breath," which, in my opinion, is worse than "coffee breath."  So, here is to my health, and to finishing my newest bottle of vitamins before the new year!

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  1. aghhhh.....me too! But I haven't finished the first bottle yet! Even talked about vitamins this week w/a friend. Well--guess I'll keep at it!