Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Puttering Around

I have never been a great fan of golf, even putt-putt, but I have indulged my children on several occasions by playing a game or two.  A week or so ago, while we were parked at an RV campground during a meeting, the kids saw the mini golf course and were dying to play.  Paul and I gathered our courage and took the whole crew down to the park office where we collected an entire set of balls and clubs.  The day was fine and sunny, and everyone was excited – at least everyone under the age of 30!   We started at the first of 19 holes and it only took everyone an average of 10 strokes to make it into the cup.  Say cheese!  Only 18 more holes to go!  I decided almost immediately that this was going to be an all-day event, and I was thankful that there was no one else on the course.  Tempers might have flared at the excessive delays. 
I tried in vain to teach Esther how to hold her club, but every time I turned around, she was holding it like  a bat.  Daniel used his more like a pool cue stick, shoving the ball toward the cup.  Josiah did rather well, and so did Abigail, and they steamed ahead with Paul along the maze-like course.  I lagged behind with the younger two, eventually resorting to the “dragging” technique used by Esther  when hitting the ball became too taxing.  I don’t think it hurt my score much, considering I bounced the ball off of little feet and stray clubs left scattered on the greens.  I think my average par was about 7…  how embarrassing.  We did have such a good time, though, and I laughed at how silly we all looked, scooting the balls around and taking forever on each hole.  I want my kids to remember having fun with the family – not always worried about doing everything right all the time.  They will eventually learn how to putt-putt (I think), but in the meantime - “FORE!”

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  1. We played putt-putt while on vacation last week. It was hilarious! Lydia would be like "I got it in only 9 hits!!" Definitely an experience taking little children! But it was worth it, we did have a blast. And thankfully, nobody was behind us either!! =)