Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apron Strings

I love my apron!  I know that sounds like a really hokey thing to say, but I do!   It came to me several years ago that I could save a lot of my clothing from unnecessary spots, spatters, and stains by wearing an apron.  Of course, it had to have a bib front, since most of the stains are above waist level.  I found a really cute pattern for vintage aprons and picked out a cute paisley print in aqua and brown ( I figured it would hide a lot of stains). 
Alas, my apron is showing a lot of wear, and quite a few dingy-looking areas, from wiping my hands on it when I am busy cooking and baking.  Another problem is that since I have only one apron, I tend to wear it until it can walk to the laundry basket by itself.  Yuck!  Anyway, I decided the time has come to make another apron.  I was able to find several cute fabrics, and my intent is to make at least two more aprons – in my spare time, of course!  :)
I was able to cut out the first apron the other night.
My machine is waiting, but normal life has interfered with my plans for sewing.  In the meantime, the pattern pieces sit upon my ironing board, calling my name, urging me to attend to them.  I’m coming!


  1. Cute pattern! Not sure if you're doing both aprons with the same pattern, but if you are, here's a tip that would have helped. When I need to cut out two of the same pattern, I just stack the fabric, pin through both layers and cut them both out at once. Saves a ton of time! :) Even if it's just a few pieces that are the same, it's still a big time saver.

  2. saw this and thought of you and your aprons :)