Friday, July 1, 2011

Confessions of Junior Camper

Three weeks ago, my son boarded a bus and headed off to church camp.  It was a heart-rending moment for me as a mother.  Although it was his second year to attend camp, I was not going to be present for the week as I was last year.  I knew he would have a wonderful time, but I was worried about his health - because of all the allergy issues.  I consoled myself that all would be well since my husband was to be the speaker for the week.  I was almost entirely right, but I would not find this out until he returned home.  It is just as well, I would have been unnecessarily worried about him! :)

As soon as he returned the following Saturday, it was evident that he had enjoyed every moment of camp.  He was more tanned and his face was smeared with dirt and dust.  He began regaling his sisters and me with tales of his adventures almost as soon as he got in the door.  His sisters listened with awe and wonder as he described the chicken wrangling event, the singing contest, and his near-drowning episode (in a shallow water tank).

I took his bag and emptied all the dirty (and was it ever dirty) laundry into the washer.  I was relieved to see that, contrary to my previous experience with junior boy campers, he had actually changed his clothes during the week.  I then asked the following question:
"Did you take a shower this week?"
"Yes," he replied.  "On Tuesday... but I forgot my soap."
"Oh!?" I stifled a grin.
"Well," he continued in a matter of fact way, "Mama, it was so dusty up there that as soon as you took a shower, you got dirty again, so it was kind of a waste of time."
"I see," I replied.  "Did you brush your teeth?"
The only answer I received was a rather sheepish grin, which told me way more than I wanted to know.  Gotta love that boy!

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