Monday, May 7, 2012

Shoes Coming out of My Ears!

I remember going off to college years ago and taking about six pair of shoes with me—blue, black, brown, white, navy, and tennis shoes.  I thought I was set for life back then.  I recall listening with amazement and awe as one of my roommates declared that she only brought sixty pair of her 100+ pair collection to college with her.  How in the world did she ever decide which ones to wear, I thought?  Another college acquaintance brought eighty pair with her.  I was glad I didn’t have to share her closet space!  It was unbelievable to me that anyone would have that many shoes.  I thought perhaps that having too many shoes might be a bad thing—I mean, look at Imelda Marcos!


However, over the years, I have acquired a reasonable sized collection of footwear myself.  Boots, heels, sandals, flip-flops, dressy, strappy, casual, black, brown, white, cream, oatmeal, navy, summer, winter, high heels, low heels, open toe, round toe, pointy toe, and square toe.  I think you get the picture.  I have a lot more shoes than any woman living in an RV should.  My husband tolerates my obsession rather well, which means as long as he is not tripping over them, he doesn’t complain.  I told you he was wonderful! :)


Two weeks ago, when I took the girls to have their ears pierced, I found these adorable earrings.  To make them even cuter, they were pink!  I love pink!   I had to get them, and since they were on sale, I added them to another of my collections—dangly earrings (more about those another time).




So, now I can truthfully say that I have shoes coming out my ears!  Gotta love that!




To be honest, I really don’t know how many pair of shoes I own, but I almost bought the cutest green shoes the other day—to match my new outfit, of course! :)  I showed great restraint and left them in the store, although I have thought about them several times.  Maybe they will go on sale soon…


  1. I think the love of shoes is hereditary in our family. The harder they are to fit, the more we look and snatch them up when we find them.