Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sewing Again

Since cleaning out all my girls’ clothing from winter, I have noticed how many of their clothes are either too short, too tight, or too worn to be seen in public.  I try to pick up cute skirts for them that they can wear, but one of my girls is a real tomboy and loves to ride bikes, climb trees, and run around outdoors.  Many times I cringe and the old ditty, “I see London, I see France…” comes to mind when my girls are playing.  Sigh. 



They had some old culottes that someone had made them, but they were splitting at the seams. I decided to make a few pair for them, since summer is already here. The problem was, I didn’t like many of the patterns I found. I had the best pattern when I was a teenager, and I decided I would try to obtain a copy of it. Long story short—it is now vintage. That made me feel rather old. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I even contacted the company to see if they had any in an old abandoned warehouse somewhere, but had no luck. When all else fails, try E-bay, right? Right! I found it in the perfect size for my girls! Yay!




I set to work on making several pair as soon as possible. This was difficult, since my machine is still in storage. I borrowed a few machines here and there, and managed to make four pair of culottes. I also altered the pattern and made a skirt for Esther, who doesn’t really like culottes for some reason. It was fairly simple to change. I just cut the front and back seams with no crotch—just a straight line. It turned out beautifully! Now she has a cute front-pleated denim skirt with pockets. I will be doing that again!   Here they are sporting their new summer look!

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    I have been sewing again too! embellished some towels, made two dresses (well they were already smocked, I just had to sew the back together and make the straps), and made some pillow covers :)

    have a suggestion for the modesty issue. A lady at our church has her girls wear knit shorts under their skirts/dresses. They are tighter shorts sort of like sweat pants but thinner material. You can even cut off leggings or something like that. Then when they are playing or sitting on the floor they at least have shorts under their skirts and are still "covered"

    Love your girls clothes! :)