Monday, November 19, 2012

It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s…


When I came out to the kitchen last week, waiting on the table was a unique offering from Josiah.  An intricately drawn card proclaiming “Happy Birthday Mama!” written in filled letters -  cursive letters!   I was amazed at the time he had put into this card.  Sitting next to the card was the ultimate multitasker…  This was supposed to reflect my duties as mother, I guess.  That, or my child thinks I am some kind of potato-shaped monster.  Come to think of it, maybe a little of both!


Here is a breakdown of what I assumed each of these meant:

Obviously, in his opinion, one of my more important jobs is fixing meals, since two of the arms are holding food. 

The jester must mean my ever-present good humor and love for a good joke – as long as it isn’t too early in the morning… like the mouse in the oven trick.

The arm with the bracelet must signify my impeccable taste in fashion (har har)

Of course, I never leave home without my purse, since it contains so much valuable stuff!

The “thumbs up” hand either means that I like to hitch-hike, or that I give encouragement where needed.

I’m not really sure what I am supposed to infer from the Frog Prince, so we’ll just leave that one alone.

There are several extra hands that I guess do all the other things that need to be done – who couldn’t use an extra hand every now and then?

While the fact that I have no visible features is somewhat disturbing, I was pleased to note that he had me shod in a pair of sparkly pink heels.  Even my son knows how much I love pretty footwear!  All in all, it was a rather interesting perspective, and I enjoyed the thought that went into it. 

Well, I, Super-Spud, am signing off to get back to my multi-tasking…

If you had a super power, what would it be?

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