Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tips for Swagbuck Success

Some of you have been asking how I earn my Swagbucks.  This year, starting in January, I gave myself a personal goal of earning $25 in Amazon gift cards each month.  Now, I haven't made my goal every month, but I have come close.  In any case, I am earning a lot of credit that I wouldn't otherwise have just by using Swagbucks.  Here is my strategy:

1.  Use the toolbar - it is easily downloaded and I earn 1 SB every day just for using the toolbar.
2.  Daily Poll - under the Earn tab on the SB home page.  Silly polls, but you earn 1 SB for each current poll.
3.  Trusted Surveys - under the Earn tabon the SB home page.  I earn 1 SB each day just for visiting the survey section.  In the rare event that I actually qualify for a survey (seeing that I have no life-threatening diseases and don't watch TV), I can earn anywhere from 25-200 SB for COMPLETING a survey.  Usually I get booted off halfway through for a disqualifying answer! :)
4.  Swag Codes - These are codes to enter in the "Gimme" box on the SB home page.  They are usually given in the blog posts throughout the day and have an expiration within a few hours of being posted.  There is a whole science to this, but I don't devote lots of time to it on a general basis.  Right now they are doing a Mom contest that gives you 6 SB for giving your opinion on who's the best mom.
5.  Searches - Instead of typing in a specific website, I will type the company name or website logo into my SB search box.  I earn SB at random intervals for this, and it is by far the most profitable way of earning SB.
6.  Games - under the Earn tab on the SB home page.  For those of you who like to play games, this is your way to earn.  You can earn up to 10 SB per day just playing games for free.  That is an average of 300 SB each month!
7.  SBTV - Under the Earn tab on the SB home page.  These are short video clips of different types - celebrity news, cooking shows, home improvement, etc.  Watching 10 videos will earn you 3 SB, and I don't know the limit on how many you can earn in a day.  If i choose to use this feature, it is usually while I am working on the computer, doing lesson plans or e-mail.  I let the SBTV run while I do my important work.  My kids love to watch the cooking shows (anything to do with food), so on rainy afternoons, I will put them in charge of "earning SB for Mama!"  They love it!
8.  Coupons - probably my favorite.  Under the Earn tab on the SB home page.  I am a dedicated coupon fanatic.  Each coupon that I print and redeem earns me 10 SB.  It takes several weeks to show on my account, but if I use them consistently, the flow of SB, once started, is consistent as well.  If you print a coupon you aren't going to use, put it next to the product in the store, and if someone else uses it, you will still earn the SB!  It is a great deal to save money and earn money at the same time!
9.  Referrals - these are harder to come by, since it depends upon others to take a leap of faith upon your enthusiastic reference.  Every referral gives you matching SB (for searches) up to 1000 SB.  So, if your friend earns 20 SB, you get a matching 20 SB!  I love that!  This is especially great on Mega SB Day, which falls on every Friday.  You can earn up to 10x the amount of SB doing your normal searches.
10.  Shop and Earn - under the More tab on the SB home page.  If you buy a lot of things online, this is a big one.  You earn 2SB for every dollar you spend when you shop through SB.  They have tons of stores and sites that qualify.

There are other ways to earn as well and special promotionals throughout the year.  They try to keep things interesting.  It all depends on how much time you want to spend working at it.  I hope these tips are helpful and that you can maximize your Swagbucks experience!


  1. Thanks Sarah!! I do several of these things, but you've given me more great ideas. Unfortunately for some reason I can never get the coupons to print. I print coupons from a site that looks just like the SB one, but these won't print. Also, I don't think there's a limit to the Swagbucks TV points you can earn. I run them all day - on mute - while I am on another tab. I just keep going back, starting a video, go back to my normal online activities - and then go back to the tv page and start another video. Easy and painless ;)

  2. Judi,
    It is the same link as you would get from any other site. If you have already printed them from somewhere else, it won't work at the SB site. Love the mute button! Great for working around the house while earning SB!