Friday, March 15, 2013

On the Shelf

I am ashamed to say that my closet is not the most organized area of my house.  At least, not usually.  My amazing and wonderful husband has helped my organizational efforts by offering to build a shoe shelf for me!  Yay!  The difference it makes is HUGE!  I am forever indebted to him for this thoughtful piece of furniture!

Okay – here it is, my seriously, shamefully, messy closet. {blush}



Some of my shoes were in boxes, some just kicked into the corner, but it was always a grief of mind to find a pair in a hurry.  This was a painful lack of organization…

Enter the shoe shelf…


While it is not extremely fancy, it is intensely practical and functional.  I love it!  You will notice it is my favorite shade of red, too.  Love this color!  (Spanish Tile 1010-5 from Lowes/Valspar paint)  Within ten minutes of this beauty entering my life and closet, the disorder and chaos of my closet was gone!  Voila!


The good news is that all my shoes fit on the shelf… for now.  :)

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