Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chop, Chop!

For some time, I have been trying to decide what I want to do with Esther’s hair.  It has always been fine and not as thick as either mine or her sister’s hair.  It used to be so frowsy that I despaired of ever getting it to lay straight instead of sticking out all over her poor little head!  In recent years, she has aspired to have hair “as long as Abigail’s.”  It really began to grow, and although it is beautiful and silky, it is still rather thin and prone to tangles-especially when she drags it through her plate at mealtime.  Sigh.  Tangles=tears, you know.

She has been after me for a while to cut her hair “so it won’t get food in it.”  I hesitated to cut it though, because I was afraid she would recant her decision and there would be more tears.  Hair takes a long time to grow!  I wanted to cut it though, because I know how cute she looks with short hair.  It is also so much easier to care for it. 

I finally bit the bullet and decided that I would cut it while I had the opportunity.  I had to give Paul a haircut, so why not cut hers as well?  I was really nervous, since I am not really a professional stylist.  I have cut lots of hair in the past, but these have been people who know how to sit still!  :)

Here are the results of my chop job.



Getting it wet first really helps.


The first chop is the scariest!


I tried to layer the edges a bit so it wasn’t just a blunt cut straight across.  The edging gives it a little more shape and body.  I’m not very good at this part, so my perfectionistic self was freaking out while I chipped and chopped.  She held pretty still for the most part, but kept asking if we were done yet!  No pressure!

So out of this process we got:

1.  A little more hair-cutting experience

2.  A donation for Locks of Love (we just barely made the 10 inch minimum)

3.  Most importantly, we have one very pleased little girl.



Does anyone else cut their family member’s hair?  Any good tips?  I tried looking online, but really didn’t find what I needed, so I flew by the seat of my proverbial pants.  I ended up pretty satisfied with the overall results, but next time, I want it to do it better!  Always upward, you know! :)