Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinata Party

Okay, for starters, I am slightly irritated that I cannot put the little squiggly mark over my n in pinata.   Why is that button even on the keyboard if it will not put the mark over my n?  Anyway, I will save the blog post about my inadequacy at the typing keyboard for another  time! :)

When we were in Illinois, we ate dinner with our friends Adam and Jamie, along with their baby girl, and Adam’s father, who was in from California.  After dinner, they brought out a pinata,  much to the delight of the children!  I stood well back from the scene for my own safety and took several pictures, all the while shouting warnings to the other children to “stay back” and “look out!”


Then came the glorious rain of candy and toys when the box was finally broken open.  They had added special “Josiah-proof” candy to the box, so that there was something for everyone.  I will say that, next time, they might leave out the whistles… lol


Thanks, Adam & Jamie—it was so nice to see you both again!  :) By the way, we are still enjoying the whistles!

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