Thursday, February 16, 2012

Never Forget

One of my husband’s hobbies is studying World War II.  He started as a child interested in aircraft, and eventually, it became a more specific study.  We have dozens of books on WWII battles, aircraft, strategies, etc.


Several summers ago, we had the opportunity and privilege to hear a Holocaust survivor speak in a small home-school group meeting.  My heart broke as she described life in wartime Europe, the horror of the concentration camp, the loss of her entire family when she was just a young teenager.  It was beyond comprehension, but I will never forget it.


Last year, I decided to do a little study on my own.  Instead of studying the battles, strategies, and equipment, I wanted to study things from the human perspective – the testimony of those who survived.  I checked books out of the local library, and for several weeks, read dozens of accounts from many different countries.  The unbelievable stories of survival against the most horrific odds, stories of courage, strength, and daring.  Amidst the terrible extermination camps, men and women forged character into their souls.  My respect for these who survived, and even for those who died fighting, continues to grow.


I pray that kind of war will never touch our country, but I am challenged by the example of these mostly unknown heroes.  I would like to think that I would go on, fighting, never giving up, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles seemed.  When I look at my own life, I think about the things that make me want to give up, and realize how small and insignificant they are.  May I learn a lesson from those who have gone before—just keep on keeping on! 

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 

Let Christ be your strength.


  1. I also have been interested in the stories of holocaust survivors. Have you read The Girl in the Green Sweater? It's a very interesting account (an autobiography) of the people who escaped to the sewers to hide out. Very moving (as all those accounts are).

  2. there was a book I read or a tape I listened to about someone named Rose who was a prisoner of the japanese during the war. It was very good. She was a Christian with a glowing testimony.