Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Friends

I always enjoy the company of good friends, both new and old. The long stretches of time between visits, while not particularly desirable, are just a part of my life, and I have more or less adjusted to infrequent fellowship with an occasional phone call or text in between visits to keep current.  You know how it is with good friends – you always pick up right where you left off anyway!
One of the more difficult aspects of our children’s lives is the fact that they also have to make new friends quickly and then just as quickly, leave them behind after a week or so.  They are not all outgoing, so making new friends is not always easy, and strong friendships are not usually forged in a few days.

IMG_6106This past week, though, was an exception.  The kids hit it off immediately with the pastor’s children, who were amazingly close to each of our children in age (most within two weeks or less of each other).  They covenanted together to finish their school work diligently (so that they could spend the afternoons playing together), while their mother and I scrapbooked on a nearby table (the first time in a forever long time for both of us).  Thus the days were not filled with the normal remonstrations of “Do your school work,” and were very pleasant ones.  Here they are hanging out in our trailer together one evening after the service.

IMG_6109Abigail and Annie grew particularly close, working ahead on their school work each evening, so that the next day they had more time for play.  Abigail doesn’t really have any close girl friends, since we seem to have an overabundance of boys in our church, so it was a special treat for her.  Annie, having six brothers, was glad to have a girl her own age as well. 
Abigail shed some tears when it was time for us to move on, but I told her that they could write to one another and keep up the friendship, which was somewhat of a consolation.  I am so glad that she has another good friend.
Do you have a best friend?  How did you meet?

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  1. Just saw this now! Made me tear up :-). Can't wait for the next visit!